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Jocelyn Bagge

Welcome to your Miami

Jocelyn Bagge has been a resident of Miami since 2003. She possesses over 10 years of real estate experience, with a focus on the Omni Performing Arts District, and Wynwood Arts District communities. A native of the Mid-West, Jocelyn holds a double major in Architecture and Art History from the University of Minnesota, helping her appreciate the ever changing, while bringing unquestioned professionalism and work ethic.

Jocelyn specializes in high-end, loft-style properties for living, working and investment. She also takes pride in being directly involved in the growth and rejuvenation of Miami’s urban core neighborhoods. Her participation as the Sales and Marketing Manager for both the Parc Lofts and Filling Station developments gives her the experience and expertise required to be known as the premier “Loft Expert” of Miami.


In 2003, I started working

In 2003, I started working on the Parc Lofts development project, coming from the Midwest and being a Loft dweller myself I couldn’t wait to sell this amazing product to Miami and the let everyone know what Miami was missing. Only a hand full of buildings in Miami can “REALLY” be consider True Lofts. Now I’m ready to finally launch the Filling Station Lofts, yet another True Loft building done right.
The evolution of these modernist lofts can be traced from the beginning of the loft-living revolution, which began in the 1950’s in Manhattan, America’s birthplace of the modern-day loft. At that time, artists and bohemians in search of cheap places to live and work began to move into abandoned late-nineteenth-century industrial buildings. These iron-framed buildings were once the site of garment sweatshops, furniture companies, warehouses, and factories. As the industries moved away from Manhatten into unless valuable real estate. These buildings became vacant.

The structural character of these buildings allowed for large open surface areas, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an extraordinary amount of light and space. In addition to making perfect studios and galleries, they also made great homes. Loft-style spaces have soon become a mainstream way of living, as architects and developers realized how easily and affordably a loft space could be transformed into a dramatic and alluring living unit. Lofts are for someone who desires a space in which to relax, entertain, and host larger gatherings. Like and sit down dinner for 30. The elimination of conventional rooms is the first step to achieve the true feel of a LOFT.
Simple Lines combined with the use of noble materials to create a dynamic space with its own character, timber, brick, steel, concrete, and tons of glass.
Tall ceilings and multi functional furniture hide an endless number of possibilities for loft living. The artist seized this low cost opportunity to create a new American version of the Parisan artist’s atelier and began moving into these spaces not only to work but to live, what we now refer to as the LOFT.